.50 Hefty Storage Bags


Only .50 at Dollar Tree with Coupon.

The Hefty Slider coupon has reset for a great deal at Dollar Tree. Products can vary by location.

Here is the Deal:

Buy (2) Hefty Slider Bags 15ct -$2.00
Less: $1/2 Hefty Slider Bags Printable (zip 77477)
Final Price: $0.50 each!


Daily Frugal Fix | Don’t Buy just because it’s “on sale.”


Number one frugal shopping rule:
Buy when the product is at its rock-bottom sale/clearance price, match-up coupons, and stock-up. This will save you tons of money.
Don’t buy something just because it is on sale. First, ask yourself: Is it a good sale? Do I need it today? Do I have a coupon? Will it be discounted further soon? All good questions to ponder.
Every month, you will learn to recognize what items are at their ‘rock-bottom price’. About every 6-weeks items go on sale again. Once or twice a year, it hits a rock-bottom price…ding, ding, ding.
For the hardcore frugalist, this is a time to ‘stock-up’ and maximize on those saving.
For a recent example; after Valentines Day, candy/gifts are on sale. Match-up your coupons with the clearance candy and buy enough to last 6 months or more. What do you do with it? Freeze it. Then, when you NEED candy, you have it and you have it a lot cheaper than you would if you had to buy it at that moment. See what I mean? This shopping method can be applied to any item.
Obviously, if you are stocking up on shampoo or other essential non-perishable goods, you can store it in your stockpile or designated stock area. For self-care items, I usually watch when certain products I use go on clearance, I have a coupons for it, then stock up; if it is say, less than a dollar.
Furthermore, pay attention to your shopping habits. Pay attention to where you could be saving money in your budget. Pay attention to sales, circulars ads and stores in general. When you begin to have a conscience eye on how the stores sell and product cycles, you will then learn the ways of extreme savings.
Do you have a stock or something similar?

Check out this post on my personal stockpile:

My stockpile after couponing after 3 months.


My Stockpile, I got all this free or cheap through couponing:
I never thought I would coupon, let alone have a stock!

This is how I organize my stock. This is a sturdy 7 four by 4 foot shelf my husband made outside my garage door. It’s very handy. This is where we keep non fridge/freezer goods. This is just after starting 2 to 3 months ago!

I have 7 people in my family so it comes in handy. We also have an extra fridge/freezer stocked too!

You never know what will happen in this world, I say what’s the harm in being prepared…
We are now working on a survival ruck sack from my husbands military time. That way we can throw it in the car for camping/ trips and we will also have it in case of emergency. I will be getting the items on sale or with coupons!

How do you store your stock?