“Well-Off, Educated and Tech Savvy: The New Couponer.”


Somewhat odd, very interesting.

But the changing face of the coupon user may surprise you.

Households with incomes of $100,000 or more are twice as likely to coupon as those who earn less than $35,000. College-degree holders are also twice as likely to use coupons as those who did not graduate from high school.

Katie Little, CBS


Does this surprise you?


Coupon Blogs are where moms are going, not newspapers!


Coupon blogs are not just boring mommy blogs anymore, they are money makers and gold mines. No wonder there is a million of them out there!
In this study, linked below, most people who coupon are finding the deals and coupons on blogs. Yup, not the newspaper, not ads-BLOGS. On these crazy coupon blogs. That is a lucrative deal.
Companies and marketing teams pay big bucks to figure out moms behavior patterns and where they find their information, that is their bread and butter and honey. They want to know this stuff because moms are their biggest purchasers. Moms typically do the household shopping.
Wal-Mart, Safeway’s, etc. aren’t little mom and pop shops down the street. The fact that these blogs are where the moms are getting their coupon information is essential and I suspect more marketing will be put into these blogs.
Cool article talks about it more in-depth. I like seeing where the market is heading.