10 Life Lessons from Wally World.


I have spend way too much time at Wally World lately with my coupon venture. So, I figure, why not learn something. :)What I have been REMINDED of from my time spent at Walmart about life:

1. People are generally nice in nature; if you are nice to them, simple yet true.

2. There are some extremely brilliant people out their to create, market and advertise products.

3. Music, even store music, makes life more enjoyable.

4. There is always someone there to help- if you ask.

5. Most people dont look like the ones in Magazines.

6. If you dont go for what you want, someone else will.

7. DO NOT take options and or freedom for granted. 

8. Most people are worried about themselves, not what they think about you.

9. People are inpatient.

10. If YOU BUILD it, THEY WILL come. 


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