My stockpile after couponing after 3 months.


My Stockpile, I got all this free or cheap through couponing:
I never thought I would coupon, let alone have a stock!

This is how I organize my stock. This is a sturdy 7 four by 4 foot shelf my husband made outside my garage door. It’s very handy. This is where we keep non fridge/freezer goods. This is just after starting 2 to 3 months ago!

I have 7 people in my family so it comes in handy. We also have an extra fridge/freezer stocked too!

You never know what will happen in this world, I say what’s the harm in being prepared…
We are now working on a survival ruck sack from my husbands military time. That way we can throw it in the car for camping/ trips and we will also have it in case of emergency. I will be getting the items on sale or with coupons!

How do you store your stock?


3 thoughts on “My stockpile after couponing after 3 months.

  1. Lisa E from PA

    I just wanted to commend you on your couponing skills for 3 months. That is awesome. I have been a couponer for 36 years and I still LOVE to read when someone gets started and have a stockpile. Good for you! I raised 7 children, a stockpile was essential for our family! Happy shopping!

    • Thank you a lot. I have watched the trends and research for longer yet started my hands on a few months ago and dove in head first. I already teach classes have a large local FB group, so I am moving fast in couponing I think. I really do enjoy it. I found something I like and that is helpful. That is quite amazing you raised 7 children. 5 kids can be difficult even, at least the kids have one another. It is a neat way to have a family! I am sure you could give me some great tips with how long you have been couponing!?

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