Easy, inexpensive Food Storage, V~Day Gift.


Fool Proof food storage tweaked to be a sweet Valentines Gift.

Free, unique and useful.
Great gift idea for friends, moms, sisters, brothers, teachers, hair stylist, babysitters or clients and loved ones in general.

I found this stuff in my house to make this easy, quick project to re-purpose canning jars. It could be applied to most kinds of food. The frugalist (myself) says, good idea, because you don’t have to buy those plastic or glass food storage containers! You can pick up canning jars from friends, yard sales, etc. You can also decorate your jar however your heart desires from bling bling to ruff n rustic. Use whatever you want!
This idea can also be applied to cupboard storage, hobby room storage, garage storage, soap and laundry detergent storage. The jar type can also vary for desired purpose. Use empty food jars, baby food jars, or the small-sized canning jars. The possibilities are endless.

I had these jars sitting around. The deco came from my craft box. The coffee, I stocked up on a sale using coupons/ad matching and got each bag less than $2. The sugar and stickers came from the dollar store.
Here is how I did it:

How useful and thoughtful for a gift:

Much better than the bag it comes in:
The stickers come off easy. When the jar is empty, clean it out and peel of stickers:

You could also decorate to go with your kitchen, have fun. Do you have any other ideas for jars?


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