Re-Purpose Old School White Out.


I had about 20 $1/1 BIC stationary products, so I have been getting White Out, and lots of it..ughh. My stockpile looks funny with all the white out. It is only .97 at Walmart. Hence, it turns in to a .03 money maker.
Now, I am wondering, really who uses white out these days? Not I! Racking my noggin, I have been scouring for some re-purposing ideas for the nearly dead white out phenomenon. Here are some ideas I found:

Touch up scratches in almost anything white including walls and those white wooden chairs. Also works for stove and fridge.

Use white out pen to delete phone numbers and addresses in my personal phone book as people are forever moving, getting transferred, etc.

Chips in white bathroom sinks that are rusting.

Cover a round nick enamel bathtub, and it repaint it every few months so it stays white.

Use on the washing machine on the inside where some rust might have come up, and then cover the white out with clear nail polish.

Part of my awesome and handy dandy white out collection.

Part of my awesome and handy dandy white out collection.

If you can get a discount on a spendy item, like a bathroom vanity, or furniture and it has dents or scratches; throw some white out on it. No one will know but you. You know you saved money for a minor imperfection!

Used white out to touch up finger nails on a French manicure.

Now, maybe, I will just keep my white out in the garage with the paint since it has so many handy uses! Ta-da! Brilliant :).


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